A dog's first Christmas is going to be fun, for a furry sweet little girl! About 3-4 months ago, I rescued an 8 month old Shih Tzu puppy from Clackamas County Animal Control. She was found abandoned and I was lucky enough to rescue her, and am eternally grateful. Her name is Dot. She is now enjoying all the wonders of the holidays, doing new things, meeting people, going places, seeing new things, and most fun of all - she is now modeling for Whirly Dog Supplies, cute quality fashion dog clothing.Dot is amazing. 

I have researched Shih Tzu's and learned their origins and their purpose. She truly possesses all of the traits they were bred for; she constantly wants to cuddle and be held. She would much rather be carried then take a walk. I have read that the Shih Tzu dogs can be hard to potty train, but she has learned to go outside within a couple weeks. She sits, stays, and does whatever you ask of her. She loves all other pets and people - I am amazed every day by her.

Whirly, our 18yr old Maltese is coming to the end of his days on earth and Dot will fill the void and help with his loss, when the time comes. We have another rescue, a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier named Toby. He would have major separation issues when Whirly crosses over the rainbow (I love the idea of the "rainbow", which I heard from my friend, Gabby). Whirly was adopted by my husband (my soulmate) when I was very sick and stuck at home. Whirly's job was to provide me companionship during the day. He too, was a love - he helped me in so many ways and I hold him so dear to my heart. Whirly is no longer able to model the dog clothing I design, make, and sell. As the end comes, I am constantly caring for and loving Whirly. Dot is an outstanding model. She does everything you ask. Happily!

Not to mention, the treats from being such a good girl.So now it's Christmas Time - After getting a new wardrobe for Thanksgiving, Dot has been modeling and getting lots of fun Christmas dog clothing. Whether it's a fun little dress or some comfy onesie dog pajamas, Dot wears them beautifully.

our rescue shih tzu wearing christmas onesie. she is such a sweetheart.