About Us

Whirly Dog Supplies got started a few years ago when I became unable to work and we adopted a little Maltese Dog from the local animal shelter.

His name was Whirly, he had been neglected and mistreated. He lived at the Oregon Coast and was a breeder dog in a puppy mill. When we got him he was underweight, taking antibiotics for various infections, and his hair had to be shaved off because it was stained from being trapped in a cage for nine years and having to sleep in his own waste.

When I got him, all he wanted to do was be held and cuddled. He is quiet and never barks, and everyone he meets he want to give them love and attention. He is the most incredibly sweet dog I have ever seen. I have fallen in love with the little guy.

I had decided he needed clothes, as I got him during the late winter and he was always shivering and cold. I found everything I bought at large chain pet stores didn't fit him properly and were cheaply made. I decided to make clothes for him. Everyone that saw him thought the dog clothes were wonderful and said I should be selling them. I started on Etsy, eBay, and my own website, making them available to the public. 

That is my story... if you would like to convo me or contact me, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time and your business.

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